Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Clovis Coin has a long relationship with police departments across the world providing stunning well made challenge coins to properly represent our law enforcement community.   From city police, to sheriff departments, and even to military police and similar groups we have made all kinds of challenge coins for law enforcement over the years.

Clovis Coin wants to give our law enforcement community the best that we can, and therefore we work with you step by step the entire way through.  We work on your graphics free of charge until the perfect proof is complete and accepted by you.  Again this is completely free.  With every order we provide completely free graphic design every step of the way.  If you have a rough draft, or even if you want us to create something from scratch, our graphic designer will work extensively with you to get the right quality and the perfect design ready for production.

After that the turn around on production is between 2-3 weeks, and that includes arrival to your door step.  Shipping is also completely free for units of 100 or more.   This is priority shipping, to ensure that you get your gear in time for your event or deadline.

Our top notch graphic design team would love to send you samples, and/or speak with you one on one.


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